Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

Today was nuts! It was over right as I was getting warmed up 🙂
– The services went great (besides me going long… whoops)
– We finished our Stripped series and talking about how to finish well in marriage.
– I loved this series and loved teaching Song of Solomon, but I’m ready to talk about something else and not have to read the words “Your breasts are like two fawns” 🙂
– We had some guys show up that attended our seminar to see how we roll on Sundays. That was fun.
I am so excited about Easter!
– We’re beginning a series called, “I AM” as we look at the names of God.
– The set up team was preparing the theatre across the hall for our 3 staggered services starting on Easter. (the services will be identical, just in 2 theatres)
– I’m so glad they tested this stuff out and did ll the troubleshooting this week, so we don’t have a “situation” next week.
– I can’t wait to see what God does next Sunday! It’s going to be amazing!