Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– It felt great to be back teaching!
– My voice was a little sore afterwards, but it feels good now
– I felt as though I had been gone forever and I only missed last weekend
– Taught on “YHWH-Shalom” today. I wanted to call the message “Serenity Now!”, but I went in another direction 🙂
– I ran out of gas on Friday, which wasn’t fun.. but telling the story today made it worth it 🙂
– Finishing up our “I AM” series next week. I’m teaching on healing. I’ve never taught a message on the subject, so I’m excited!
– On Mother’s Day we’re kicking off a new series called, “Frequency:Learning to Hear God’s Voice”. I am so excite about this series of teachings! I’ve wanted to teach this for months!
– I’m having the most fun at Calvary Fellowship since we started our church! God is doing great things and I’m honored to be part of it!