Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was great. We did a combined service due to Labor Day that worked great.
– We try to get the whole church together a couple times a year for a combined service.
– I love it because it turns what would be a normally low day into a win for the church
– It’s also a great break for our volunteers who get to the theatre at 5:30AM to set everything up.
– I taught on how to get out of debt. It’s amazing how many people are in debt and we need to teach people what the Bible says about money.
– We got a great response to the financial seminar we are having in October.
– Looking forward to having Joel Sonnenberg at Calvary Fellowship next Sunday. It’s going to be amazing!
– I will be in Mexico officiating our executive Pastor’s wedding.
– September 14th we finish our “Go Green” series with a message on “How to live a blessed life”
– We’ve got really big news we’re sharing on the 14th that will be revealed on the blog after our church hears about it
– Then we’re doing a stand alone message on September 21st before we kick off our Fall Spiritual growth campaign “New Testament Challenge”.
– I’m really looking forward to being in Atlanta on September 30th for the one day Launch conference. If you’re a church planter or know one, come to the conference and let your friends know too!
– Going to get ice cream with the family, so I’m out!