Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizGeneral

– Today was really good! 

– It was great to have Mark back leading worship.  
– I taught Revelation 2:1-7
– Lots of people responding to return to their 1st love this morning
– Talked to a lot of first and second timers today.  It's amazing to hear about how people hear about Calvary Fellowship
– People are coming to know Jesus and growing at the church.  I couldn't be happier.  
– I ate pretty bad this week.  Monday I'm getting back on the horse and eating right. 
– I'm looking forward to leading an assimilation seminar in Jupiter on Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to training Pastors to keep those they reach (especially with Easter approaching)
– My TiVo gave out this week and I lost every new episode of Lost and 24 (that I hadn't watched yet)
– That was a bit frustrating.  But I did get a free upgraded TiVo out of the deal.  I guess I'll be giving iTunes some business this week. 
– Time to hang out with the family, I'm out…