Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day today!

We finished the book of Revelation. We were in this series for 30 weeks! 

– I know it's in vogue to do 4-6 series, but I believe that we need to teach longer series as well because not every subject can be covered in a month. 

– The band was amazing! They introduced "Tear Down these Walls". Great song!

– One of the things I love about our band is that they make the songs they do better than the original. Sometimes I hear the original version and I'm disappointed!

– Next Sunday we celebrate 9 years as a church! To think that we started with Carey, me, and 5 people (2 of whom flaked out after the 1 week) still amazes me. God is really really good. 

– We are doing a baptism next Sunday as well.  Looking forward to that. 

20 people prayed to receive Christ this morning. We are about 20 people a week make first time decisions to receive Jesus. It blows me away that God entrusts so many new believers to our care.

– If you want to know how we follow up with new believers, this is our entire process. 

– After being out for a new weeks, I'm glad I'm teaching several Sundays in a row. I had more fun teaching than ever today. Operating within your gifting and calling is something I hope I never take for granted. 

– This Sunday we start our new series "Vintage Wisdom" as we study the book of Proverbs. I've never taught Proverbs and I've always want to, so I can't wait to get into it. 

– For the record, I've completely had it with the Post Office (as an aside, if this is what we can expect from Obamacare, we're all screwed). 

– On a lighter note, if there's a topic you want me to tackle here on the blog, email me

– It's going to be a great week as we prepare for a 9 year celebration!