Sunday Stuff… (11th Anniversary Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– We celebrated 11 years of ministry! Wow. and they said it wouldn’t last.

– What a day. Not sure how to describe it all.

– I think the biggest highlight for me was the video that the media team shot of people whose lives have been transformed. Very moving. It’s amazing to see how every person in the video got saved at Calvary and are now leaders at Calvary. (I’ll post the video this week).

– The band sounded outstanding today. I’m always impressed by those guys, but they are flat out awesome today. We’re come a long way from the days of me leading worship singing, “Open the Eyes of my Heart”. Haha!

– We started a new series called, “Blueprint: Discover God’s Vision for your Life”. I’m teaching through the book of Nehemiah.┬á

– Today we worked our way through Nehemiah 1 in a message called, “The Birth of a Vision”.

– I’m looking forward to helping people discover God’s best for their lives.

– Lots of decisions today. Lot of first time guests. All around great day.

– The Miami food trucks war win full effect. I ate waaay too much (and paid for it later). I’ll leave it at that ­čÖé

– By the way, we promoted this event tons and we spent about $1,000 total. No, I didn’t forget a zero. A thousand dollars. That included direct mail, google, Facebook, and invites.

– Here’s the lesson: if you’re spending tons of money, you aren’t doing it right. ┬áTo remedy this join Outreach Ninja. You can get 100% of Outreach Ninja for 50% of the investment for the first month.

(Please note: wimps need not apply. This is for churches who are SERIOUS about reaching people. This community is about implementation.)

I’ve heard from 5 guys in Outreach Ninja who have doubled or tripled their churches in 1 day. That’s how effective this content is. If you’re interested, give Outreach Ninja a test drive here.┬á

– Speaking of Ninja, we announced the launch of Leadership Ninja this week. In one week, we filled 1/2 the spots! You can learn more about this 6 month coaching community here.