Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Amazing day today! 

– I am completely exhausted, but it was totally worth it to watch God at work

– I taught Genesis 12:10-20 on Abram and Sarai going down to Egypt

– We talked about 3 principles for couples to have great communication. 

– I love teaching on marriage! 

– The band sounded amazing today in both campuses. I'm blown away by how much talent God has brought to Calvary. 

– The thing that blows me away every week is that I get to part of a move of God. Nothing compares to that. 

– I'm watching God do some amazing things in the lives of people. It's a privilege to be a small part of it. 

– Looking forward to a new leadership group that's starting this week. There was tons of fruit from the last one. 

– If you're familiar with my "Farm team" analogy in Zero to Sixty, this group is the Double-A group. 

– The triple-A group starts next Tuesday. That's going to be hardcore! 

– I'm convinced if you don't invest in leaders in the present, you're in for a leadership crisis in the future. 

– Our offices are moving on Monday. Can't wait!

– We had our whole staff, plus spouses and kids at our house on Saturday for a BBQ. What a great time! 

– Sometimes we get so caught up in ministry, that you forget that these are the people you're doing life with. I wouldn't want to serve with any other group of people.  

– My Digital Evangelism tele-seminar is Thursday. If you want to know how we reach people at Calvary using Facebook, register here. A lot of churches are participating, so if you want to be part of it don't delay.  

– Have a great week!