Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary today! 

– I talked about romance from Song of Solomon 4. 

– Too many people have never heard what's God has to day about sex and intimacy. 

– The band at each campus sounded fantastic! I know I say it all the time, but we're blessed to have so many talented musicians at Calvary. 

– God's Word is still powerful. Even though the subject was romance and intimacy, people still got saved! God is changing live at Calvary and I'm blessed to be along for the ride. 

– I was walking around with my 8 month old son Xander today. People were going crazy over him. Yes, he's that cute! :) 

– Looking forward to wrapping up the Happily Ever After next Sunday and talking about one of the 3 reasons couples get divorced. 

– Easter is 2 weeks away! It's going to be crazy!

– Can't wait to start our new series, "Ten Words" on the 10 commandments. It's going to be 11 weeks of goodness! 

– We're introducing a new resource at Details coming in Tuesday's newsletter. You can subscribe here for free

– By the way, I'm selling my Kindle 2. It's got almost 60 books on it. If you want it, it's $175. I'm going to post all the books I have on it. I've had several inquiries, but the 1st one to say the word, gets it. 

– Looking forward to a great week!