Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was really good!
Mark taught and did a great job.
– I love that he told his story and encouraged singles in our church to commit to a life of purity
– Our youth band led worship and were awesome!
– I got to do some MBWA (managing by walking around)
– I enjoyed hanging out in our children’s ministry and seeing all that goes on there (I don’t get to go in there often enough)
-I was amazed at the 9:30AM crowd. I thought for sure it would be a ghost town with the time change, but it was awesome!
– Sunday I’ll be finishing up our Stripped series – we’ll be ending with a bang!
– I hate time change weekend, but I love the sun being out for longer.
– Instead, of setting our clocks ahead and then back later, why now just call it even at 30 minutes and never speak of this again? Just a thought ­čÖé
2 weeks until Easter… I can’t wait!