Sunday Stuff… (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

– Today was totally insane!
– It was our first service at Barbara Goleman High School and it was amazing!
– Both services went great. Tons of new equipment to figure out, but it was smooth.
– First, thanks to Jesus for allowing us to serve Him in ministry. What an honor it is to preach the Gospel!
– Second, thanks to all of our volunteers who got to the school at 5AM to make the services happen.
– Third, our staff hasn’t slept in 2 weeks as they’ve been working hard to make this service a reality. Guys, thank you so much for all your hard work!
– Fourth, we were at the theatre for 6 years and our church didn’t skip a beat. I was a little worried we might get nostalgic about the theatre. The only thing we heard all day was how much better the school was over the theatre!
– The band was amazing! They were as tight as ever.
– The new screens were awesome.
– The intelligent lighting added great mood to the auditorium.
– It went back to teaching from a pulpit (that’s the old school in me). I retired the old “Andy Stanley” table and chair. This look just fits better with what we’re doing. (pictures are forthcoming)
– We kicked off a new series called “The New Testament Challenge”. I believe this is going to be an intense time of spiritual growth in our church.
– We completely underestimated our church’s ability to eat donuts. Apparently, 20 dozen Krispy Kremes were nowhere near adequate. They were gone by the end of the 1st service!
– We transitioned from a full service cafe to free Starbuck’s coffee. It was over great!
– I got a lot of great feedback about the message. I was happy about that.
– We started piping a live feed from the service into a room we’re calling the “Parent/ child room”. This is where parents who aren’t ready to leave their kids in the children’s ministry or nursing moms can watch the service. It was over very well. Several families sat in there during both services.
– Even though things went great, our staff has a laundry list as long as my arm of things we need to tighten up, tweak, or outright change before next week.
– I’l be in Atlanta on Tuesday teaching a Launch Conference to a bunch of church planters. I’m looking forward to that. If you want to attend, there’s still time. Click this link and we’ll see you there!
– Lastly, we have a new church website that we’re going to be rolling out this week. It looks amazing. I think you’re going to love it!