Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– It was a good day. Not stellar, but good.
– We had some power issues before the 1st service.
– We’re still learning the ins and outs of the school.
– I felt great about my message today.
– I taught on godliness and what it means t live a godly life.
– We celebrated communion together. That was really powerful.
– We had a baptism in the afternoon and had a bunch of people take the plunge. That was awesome!
– I’ve been assessing mode lately. I’m looking at the holes in our church and how we need to shore them up as we grow before they become a hinderance.
– We need to add staff and we need to restructure some systems to keep growing.
– You’ve hear the saying, “Staff ahead of the growth” – it’s true!
– Next week is going to be awesome!
– We’re having a cook out after each service and it’s day light savings so everyone will be wide awake due to the extra hour of sleep 🙂
– I decided to stop Twittering for now. I’m deciding if Twitter has any real benefit for me. I’ll let you know.
– I spoke at a great marriage event on Saturday. Had a great time. I love seeing new churches start that are reaching people. It’s very exciting!
Big planning meeting for our staff on Tuesday. We’re planning 2009. If you remember, pray for us.
I have vowed not to eat any Halloween candy. Pray for me 🙂
– Even though I get tired from ministry, I never get tired of ministry. I’m still humbled that God called someone like me to serve Him.
– Speaking of tired, I’m out…