Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Fantastic day today!
– I thought attendance was going to be light because of the Dolphin game and the race in Homestead, but we had a really good turnout.
– I taught on “The Challenge of Trust” and talked about how to navigate the financial crisis
– We also kicked off our Christmas offering this weekend. I’m really excited about all that God is going to do through it.
– This was just a smooth Sunday.
– We also had a membership class today that was well attended and I’m excited about the people that decided to commit to the vision of Calvary Fellowship.
– I talked pretty seriously today about people taking responsibility for their actions and not waiting for someone else to bail them out. I was amazed by how well it was received.
– It’s amazing what you can get away with saying if people know you love them.
– Our New Testament Challenge series ends in 2 Sundays.
– I’m looking forward to our Christmas series. I don’t normally like teaching holiday series’, but I think this one is going to be fun.
– The weather here is amazing. It’s 68 degrees outside.
– Everyone broke out their jackets today. I believe you can tell when people moved to Florida based on what kind of jacket they’re wearing. I think I saw a few Member’s Only jackets today (apparently these are the last remaining members ­čÖé
– I’m looking forward to being in Tampa for our monthly coaching network. I love the guys we’re coaching. It’s an awesome group of guys.
– I’m really looking forward to co-teaching a small groups seminar on Thursday with my friend Nelson. I believe Small Groups is one of the things we do best at CF. I can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with the group that’s there.
– I’m hearing a lot of great feedback about our new website. I think it’s a huge upgrade for us.