Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary Fellowship!  

– Good turnout (even though it was a long weekend in our county). 
– Taught Revelation 3:7-13.  The church at Philadelphia.  
– If you're a Pastor, teach Revelation to your church.  It's amazing what God is doing through this series.  
– Had a couple of good friends at church today.  This guy was in town and brought one of his staff members to check out what we do.  We went to a great spot for some Cuban food and great conversation.  This guy also at church today.  It was great to see him.  I miss him a lot.  
– We hosted a sold-out Passover Seder tonight.  We totally sold out of seats.  In fact, the staff had to give out their seats to allow for people who wanted to attend.  People are hungry to grow.  Awesome! 
– Looking forward to being in Atlanta on Thursday for a Zero to Sixty seminar.  I can' tell you much I enjoy teaching this seminar.
– I'll be putting the intro and chapter 1 of Zero to Sixty on the blog tomorrow if you want to check it out.  
– The book should be out by the end of April.  Can't wait! 
– I had a personal goal of reading 50 books before April 1.  I don't think I'm going to hit it.  I'm at 46 and I'm not sure I can read 4 books by Tuesday at 11:59PM.  We'll see.  
– Big Meeting on Monday afternoon.  I mean, huge meeting Monday afternoon.  If you remember, please pray for me around 2:30PM.  God's up to something big!  
– Time to play with Mia.  I'm out…