Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Good Sunday. 

– Crowd was lighter than Easter (which was to be expected)
– Taught Revelation 4:1-11.  Talked about heaven.  
– I realized that I haven't taught on the subject of heaven in a long time.  Too long actually.  
– Weird moment of the morning was when Mark opened an energy drink backstage and then started to shake it.  It was only a matter of seconds before I was wearing the energy drink.  Good times :) 
– I wore jeans, a black jacket and a pink button down shirt (Yes, I'm secure in my manhood)
– I tell you this because when I was ironing my shirt this morning, my daughter said, "Papi, Mami's shirt?" – Suddenly wasn't so secure 🙂
– Met a bunch of first time guests this week.  It's great to see God working in people's lives 
– Met a bunch of people who came to CF on Easter for the 1st time and were back this week.  
– Look forward to being in Chicago the week after next (April 29th) for a Zero to Sixty and Fusion seminar
– Looking forward to teaching Zero to Sixty in Miami on May 7th.  
– I'm starting to feel left out that I didn't go to the Exponential Conference in Orlando 🙂  
– Looking forward to a great week.  Lots to do!  
– Going to hang out with my girls… I'm out!