Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great services this morning! 

– I was surprised by how full the 1st service was. Lively bunch as well. 

– Taught Proverbs 15:1-23. Talked about the power of our words. 

– Got a lot of feedback about the message today. 

– Some of the deepest hurts people have are scars that have come from words spoken by others. 

– The band sounded great today!

– Had a great time at Catalyst this week.

– We finalized some decisions this week that we'll be rolling out soon. Some big things happening in 2010 for Calvary Fellowship! 

– Met a bunch of people at Catalyst who have read Zero to Sixty and gained a lot from it. It means a lot to me when people go out of their way to tell me they got a lot out of the book.  

– One Pastor said he bought a Kindle and the 1st book he bought was Zero to Sixty. I'm honored! 

– The Red Sox completely melted down. They've looked bad for the last month and this caps a mediocre season. 

– Patriots lost today. I'm not used to them losing. 

– Looking forward to a great week!