Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great Sunday!

– I taught from Proverbs 21 on the subject of "How to be Wise with your Finances"

– I spent about 10 minutes talking about tithing and 45 people decide to take the tithe challenge. 

– I believe over 200 people have taken the tithe challenge this year at Calvary Fellowship! 

– My favorite part is hearing the stories of how God "opens the windows of heaven"

– I have always said that the key to an effective tithe challenge is in the follow up process you have

– If you want to know what our follow up process it, it's here

– Band sounded great today. We are blessed with an amazing bunch of musicians!

– Looking forward to teaching on parenting next week. I will speak as a fellows struggler, not an expert :) 

– People are really excited about the new Miramar Campus! I can't wait!

– We just started our Christmas offering 2 weeks ago and we're 60% of the way to our goal! Calvary is an incredibly generous church.  

– I am blown away by the impact of this Proverbs series. God is growing us in wisdom. 

– Got to meet a bunch of new people. It's great to hear about what God is doing in the lives of new believers. 

– I am so excited about a tele-seminar I'm leading on Dec. 3rd. I'm talking about how to get great results from direct mail. I think it's going to help a lot of churches that want to do a Christmas Eve outreach, a January series push, or a February kick off. You can get the info here

– I'm reading a great book right now, which is great because I've a bunch of duds recently.  

– I'm talking about the thing you have to before you do direct mail in the newsletter. Plus, I'm reviewing a great book that I read this week. You can subscribe here for free

– Looking forward to spending time with my coaching network on Thursday! Amazing group of guys that are seeing awesome things happen in their churches. I'm blessed to invest in them! 

– Got home from church and spent the afternoon with my wife and kids. I love my life! I'm grateful to the Lord for blessing me as much as He has. I'm humbled by God's grace in my life. 

– Have a great week!