Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Awesome day today! 

– Today was Xander's baby dedication (pictures forthcoming)

– I read 1 Kings 2:2-3 to him. It was a special moment for our family.  

– The Youth band led worship. They did a great job. 

– I'm blown away by the level of talent we have at our church. 

– I taught Proverbs 27 on the subject of real friendship. People seemed to be really moved by the message. 

– After church we had a party at our house for Xander. It was great hanging out with friends. 

– I'm taking Monday off. Seriously, I'm wiped out. 

– I've gotten so much feedback about our resources and Zero to Sixty book. As a guy whose Love Language is words of affirmation, it means a lot to me. Thanks!

– Speaking of Zero to Sixty, I'm still giving them away (you pay the shipping, I pay for the book). 

– We also have the Zero to Sixty seminar (1 of our most popular resources) for 50% off through Wednesday. Use the code "fifty" (no quotes) to get the discount.  

– Someone asked me why I'm giving my books away when it's probably hurting my Amazon sales. My answer: "It just feels good to give." That's why I'm doing it. I get joy out of giving away the books. More on that tomorrow.  

– Next Sunday I'm teaching a Christmas message. Then I'm taking the last Sunday of the year off. And then in January we begin a series in the book of Esther called, "Engage: Unleash the Power of Now". Can't wait! 

– I must say that teaching through Proverbs has been one of the most important series we've ever done. I've gotten more feedback about these messages than any other series in recent memory.  

– I'm finalizing my 2010 goals this week. So excited about what God is going to do next year!