Sunday Night Thoughts…

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Today was great!
– This was a great week.
– Mark, Tanya, and I were all having voice issues during church today.
– Taught on making great decisions from Mark 15. I think I could teach on this every week and it would be well received. It’s an important topic.
– I’m still thinking about my New York trip.
– Took a few of our staff to an assimilation seminar. Great stuff. Looking forward to the one we’re hosting in Miami in March!
– I got to record a podcast for Church Leader Insights. I don’t know when it’s going to air, but I was honored to be invited.
– Got to teach on Baptism to The Journey staff. Great group of people. Great discussion. God is doing a great work at The Journey! Plus, awesome pizza!
– It was great to se my good friend Bill in NYC.
New England Patriots… ’nuff said!
Sy Rogers on the 27th – it’s going to be off the hook!
Gary – I do know what yuca is. It’s a pretty common thing to eat here in Miami. It’s also a staple for a traditional cuban Thanksgiving ­čÖé