Sunday Night Thoughts…

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– Talked on the Rich Young Ruler this morning. I really feel like God gave me something about this story.
– I feel like for the first time in 7 years, we’re really getting it together. Our staff is totally unified and we’re seeing what we need to do to get to the next level.
– I’m learning more right now than ever!
– My Small Group is going awesome! 20 college students. I’m the oldest guy by 8-14 years! I feel old every Tuesday night!
Mia turned 8 months old today! I love being a dad!
– Mia has 2 teeth coming in. But she’s still her fun, cute self!
– I decided to rip out the door in our bathroom and put in a pocket door. It’s not done, but Carey sees the vision. It’s going to be good!
– I got the most ridiculous email this week. I would have gotten mad if it didn’t make me laugh so hard ­čÖé
– I have found a great vein of good books. I’m very excited about what I’ve been reading.
– Over 30 people signed up for our baptism! I can’t wait!
Over 200 people have prayed to receive Christ at CF this year! I’m amazed and humbled.
– Nothing gets me more excited than seeing people take next steps in their relationship with God!