Sunday Night Thoughts…

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Today was crazy at the theatre! The concession stand got torn out & they decided to retile the lobby…on Sunday morning! In the words of Animal House, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”
I taught on marriage today. Got a lot of good feedback. Then again, no one ever walks up and says, ‘Hey, I really hated everything you said!”
– Lots of first time guests today! It’s exciting to talk to unchurched people who are interested in connecting with God.
– If you haven’t seen what we’ve done to our children’s classes, you have to check it out whether you have kids or not! I was blown away by what I saw. Cookie and her team are amazing!
Over 85% of our church signed up for a Small Group (final numbers coming in this week) John knocked it out of the park this time!
– My friend Nelson hung out with us at church today. Whenever someone visits, I get self-conscious. But he gave me great feedback and a lot to think about!
– I feel like CF is starting to hit on all 8-cylinders. We know who we are and why we’re here. We’re not trying to mimic, model, or mirror anyone else. God has us given us a specific vision and we’re carrying it out.
The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership is a really good book. Review forthcoming…
The only thing worse than Larry Johnson on my Fantasy team has been the Dolphins.
– I went through a dry spell with books recently, but I’ve got a pile on my shelf waiting to be read. It feels nice.
– Having a book that I really to read next pushes me to the read my current book faster.
– Today being the first day of Fall, Carey made an egg stand straight up! She’s told me about this for years, but today I saw it with my own eyes. (Yes, I took a picture – I will post it) She said something about the rotation of the earth, but she lost me.
The Patriots are 3-0. Video taping or not, no one can stop Tom Brady!
The Red Sox clinched a Playoff spot. Will they win the division? I don’t know what to think. I’m hoping…