Sunday Night Thoughts…

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– Today was crazy! Miami Lakes decided to do a Veteran’s Day parade that surrounded our theatre and made it nearly impossible to get in. When your official direction include the phrase, “Then cut through the parking lot”, you’re in trouble.
– I’m so proud of our folks who got through the maze at made it in!
– I was blown away by the number of guests had today! People who want to know God will put up with a lot to find Him.
– Mad props to our setup team! They were directing traffic better than the cops that were out there 🙂
– I had a great time teaching. We concluded our “Elevate” series. This has been a great series for us as a church. Lots of next steps. I’ll report on that next week.
– New series next Sunday! It’s called “Loaded Questions” and we’re going to deal with 5 questions that Jesus gets asked in Mark 12 & 13.
– I’m really excited about our Missions concert on Friday! We sold a ton of tickets today!
– Had a great time this afternoon with Carey and Mia. We’ve had so much going on lately that it was nice to just go home after church and hang with my girls.