Sunday Night Thoughts (Monday Edition)

Bob FranquizUncategorized

– Sunday was amazing! I talk another very un-Christmas message and we had a packed house.
– I almost called the message, “Satan, the Anti-Christ and You!”, but thought that might be over the top 🙂
– We usually flatline attendance wise for December, but we’re seeing a nice upward trend
Teaching on Hanukkah in part of my message was a lot of fun. I love telling that story.
– Tons of first time guests today. Our Ten Minute Party was slammed! We ran out of gifts for people and had to scramble to get more together!
– This Sunday our service times are changing! We’re going to 9:30AM and 10:45AM. I think this will be much better and even out the attendance and both services.
– We’re doing a Christmas offering this year and raising money for missions all over the world. I’m amazing by the generosity of our church! I’m honored to be the Pastor here!
– I had a great time teaching at a friend’s church on Sunday night.
– I never get tired of teaching on John the Baptist. If all Baptists were like him, I’d become one 🙂
My fantasy team collapsed this week. Tom Brady let me down with a 3 point performance. I made the playoffs. I was up by 20 points after last week and then the collapse. Depressing!
– I’m working on my personal goals for next year (more on that later). Everyone should seek God and see where He wants them to focus in the upcoming year personally, spiritually, financially, etc…
– I’m looking forward to our Christmas celebration this weekend. I can’t wait to see what God does!