Sunday Stuff

Bob FranquizChurch

– Great day at Calvary! 

– I taught the book of Obadiah (Yes you read that correctly)

– The thrust of the message was on how pride poisons your life and your future.

– I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this "Postcards" series. 

– If you aren't aware, this has been a series on the 5 one chapter books of the Bible.

– Looking forward to starting a series in the book of Romans on Easter.

– I can't believe Easter is 2 weeks away!

– There's been lots of traction on the blog with the outreach related posts. 

– I'm planning on posting some more Facebook related posts this week to help churches be more effective this Easter!

– If you're going to the Exponential conference at the end of the month, I'm leading a pre-conference intensive with my friends Shawn Lovejoy, Travis Johnson, and some other great guys. Here's the link to get more info or register —> link.