Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

– Awesome services today!  

– Taught Revelation 5:1-7
– Lots of people made decisions to follow Jesus 
– I love the fact that God entrusts us with so many new believers!
Over 110 140 people have prayed to receive Christ this year at Calvary Fellowship!  Go God! 
– There's another 217 that have recommitted their lives to Jesus this year.  I'm blown away at God's goodness!
– We dedicated Mark's son Josh today. Great moment for our church
– I'm so excited to see people growing.  Watching lots of people taking discipleship seriously.  
– Totally blessed to hear about God healing a guy in our church.  Blown away by God's favor and grace! 
– Had a great time at the Exponential conference this week. Great sessions.  Great time catching up with friends.  
– Had an even better time with my family at Disney on Friday.  Lots of fun.  
– Got a preview copy of Zero to Sixty in the mail this week.  Looks great!  Can't wait until it's out on May 5th!
– Looking forward to teaching Zero to Sixty in Chicago on Wednesday.  I'm also teaching assimilation in the afternoon.  The info is here if you're in the Chicago area.  
– I'm pretty sure there's a Lou Malnatti's pizza in my future ­čÖé
– I'm really excited about this.  I'm amazed at the response by church leaders.  This is how we follow up with new believers at Calvary Fellowship.