Sunday Stuff…

Bob FranquizChurch

This is going to be a "different" Sunday Stuff than normal, but here goes…

– I didn't teach this morning.  
– On Wednesday, at my wife's Dr.'s appointment, they found her blood pressure to be higher than they liked and being 36 weeks pregnant, they sent her immediately to the hospital. 
– So she's been in the hospital since Wednesday. 
– What makes things a little tricky is that my daughter got a fever last night and so I've been treating her for that and letting her rest at home. 
– My daughter has never been sick – ever.  She's like Bruce Willis in "Unbreakable". 
– So please pray for my family. It's been a tough week. 
– With my new role as Mr. Mom, we called an audible today and had Dave Ramsey teach via video (Special thanks to for making this available)
– People seemed very responsible to the message from what I was told (goes to show that truth is truth whether it's live or on video)
– Zero to Sixty finally got on!  You can pick up a copy here.  
– Excited about our 1st Zero to Sixty webinar on Thursday!  There's still time to register.  Click here for more info. Remember, the registration is per church. It's as many people as you can get on your phone line!
– I've gotten lots of feedback about our newest resource at, "21st century Outreach Strategies". (I'm thankful to hear how helpful people are finding this resource)
– If you're a Pastor that does any direct mail or internet marketing (google, facebook), then pick up this resource. It will save you $1,000's and increase your effectiveness exponentially.  
– By the way, only 4 spots left for my new coaching network!  Click here for details and to apply.  
I got a Kindle on Friday.  So far, I love it.  I feel like a member of Start Trek: the Next Generation when I'm using it.  
– Should be an interesting week. I think they're going to induce my wife on Friday, so my son Xander will be crashing the party by the weekend!