Summer is Officially Upon Us…

Bob FranquizChurch

We had a great service today. It felt great to be back after being out for 2 Sundays in a row. People seemed excited and into our new series “crash”. We spending some time in the book of Daniel. That dude was awesome. “No, I won’t have your non-kosher food, thank you very much.” I love the integrity of that 17 year old kid!

Anyway, a bunch of people were out. Some of our staff was out of town. I encourage our staff to take vacation during the low times in the church calendar.

The last day of school was this week and it showed. Parents usually go on vacation the first 2 weeks of the summer and/ or the last 2 weeks of summer. So mostly our families with kids were gone.

Nonetheless, it feels great to being doing what I love the most in the world…communicating.

Carey put together and amazing video intro for our “Crash” series. I’ll post it later so you can check it out…