Bob FranquizBooks

I like to read. I believe leaders should be readers and that reading is one of the main vehicles to our development.

My goal this year is to read 80 books. But since there’s so much more to read that I may never get to, I like to read book summaries also.

What I love about summaries is they will give you a 200-page book in 8 pages. They eliminate most of the stories and just give you the big ideas.

I like to read summaries of books I’ve already read as a refresher of the big ideas.

Anyway, here’s 2 companies that do great book summaries:

Executive Book Summaries

Audio Tech

I personally subscribe to Executive Book Summaries. The thing I like too is they have mp3’s of the summaries, so you can listen to it in 20 minutes.

If you subscribe, tell then I sent you ­čÖé Enjoy your reading!

(btw – just in case you’re wondering, I only review books on my blog that I’ve read. I don’t review summaries.)