Stuff I’m Thinking about on Friday…

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Several things swimming my head today. Here they are…

#1 – I saw Nacho Libro on Monday. I was kind of disappointed. I think it was the director. It couldn’t be Jack Black. Why? Because Jack Black is one of the funniest people on the planet.

#2 – I have listened to the new John Mayer song at least 150 times since his started streaming it from his website.

#3 – I’m loving teaching our new series “crash.” We’re going through the book of Daniel. Its’ been fun.

#4 – EVen though I didn’t love Nacho Libre, I have been imitating the high pitched “Nachoooooooooo” ever since. I think Carey is sick of it.

#5 – “The Ten Faces of Innovation” is great so far. I’m only 70 pages into it, but so far it’s great. It’s about how to get people thinking creatively at every level of your organization based on their personality and view of life.

#6 – “One day our generation, is going to rule the population” – I can’t get that lyric out of my head!

#7 – Someone posted that I have a “Man-Crush” on John Mayer. Now we’re just trying to hurt each other! I reject this idea. I have a strong appreciation for his music and colorful social commentaries. That’s all. Now I’m going to lift something heavy or some other manly thing.

#8 – Scott inspired me to clean out my inbox. I’m down to 2 e-mails. From hundreds to 2. The end is in sight… and it is glorious!

#9 – I told Carey at dinner last night that I’ve seen more Miami Heat jerseys in the last month than in the last 10 years combined! The bandwagon is officially open for business. Hop on! In fact, let’s all buy a Steelers jersey, a White Sox Jersey, and a…. who won the Stanley cup? Does anyone even watch hockey anymore? We don’t in Miami… until the Panthers go to the Stanley cup! Yes, I have a problem…

#10 – By the way, I’m approaching 1000 comments. Whoever #1000 is, I’ll send a copy of my book to. Thanks for the idea Tony.

Peace out…