Stuff floating around in my head…

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I’ve got a bunch of stuff floating around in my head and I wasn’t sure what to post, so here’s everything…

#1 – I have to slow down – I had to check my Treo to see when Carey and I could schedule a lunch together. That’s NOT cool.  It starts today.  I’m scaling back my life a bit. 

#2 – I’m almost done with "The Story we find ourselves in" by Brian Mclaren.

#3 – I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s episodes on American idol on my TiVo that I still haven’t watched!  I’m going to try to watch at least 1 tonight. 

#4 – It’s great that Malcolm Gladwell is blogging.
  The Tipping Point was amazing.  And he is a very good speaker.  I saw him at Catalyst this past year. 

#5 – I’m excited about the book signing I’m doing at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday for my book "elements".
  It should be fun!  Im looking forward to seeing some friends that I don’t get to spend much time with (Hence, the slowing down manifesto). 

#6 – We should have our building permit by mid-March. If you’re going to build, remember one thing: it takes forever!  But we will be in by September, which I’m really excited about!

#7 – I taught at a friend’s church on Wednesday and a guy came up to me and said, "Guess who I saw at my health club today?"  I said, "Who?"  He says, "Manny Ramirez!"  The guy says to Manny, "Aren’t you supposed to be at Spring Training?" Manny just laughed and kept reading the paper!  Is there a problem here?

#8 – I love Chris’ post today about Dwayne Wade.
  Cool stuff! 

#9 – I’ve been thinking about this Oreo brownie from The Fresh Market – If you’ve never had one, treat yourself!  It’s out of hand! 

#10 – I really want to buy a Gibson Les Paul – I sold mine when I got married (it paid for our 1st, last, and security).  But I really want to get one.  You can only do so much on an acoustic.  I learned the guitar solo to "Welcome to the Jungle", but it doesn’t sound the same.  Then again, I don’t have Slash’s hair! 

#11 – I want to download an audiobook from itunes, any suggestions?

#12 – I’m excited about this weekend’s message.  I’m teaching Numbers 6:22-27, the priestly blessing.  The question I want to explore is, "Why does God bless us?"

#13 – Chuck Smith, Jr.’s new book is a must read! My whole staff is reading it.  It’s creating some amazing discussion! 

For crying outloud!!!!

#14 – I just checked Bloglines and Gary just did a list of all the stuff he’s thinking about.  This makes my list not seem that original.  Altough I’ve very happy about #15 on his list.  The question is, is my involvement in #15 the cause of #14?