Stuff You have to know (but didn’t realize it) – Part 6

Bob FranquizChurch

#6 – Let you wife find her place of ministry naturally

Too often in church world, the define the role of the Pastor's wife in a very narrow scope.  

She needs to either:

1. Play an instrument

2. Teach Women

3. Teach Children

I've talked to many Pastors wive who are leading women's ministries and don't want to, but do it because "their husband makes them". 

Here's my encouragement to you: let your wife find her place of ministry naturally. Also Pastor, you are responsible for everyone in your church, not just the men. The discipling of the whole congregation is your responsibility. It's a misnomer to believe your wife is "in charge" of the women and you're in charge of the men. 

If your wife is gifted in counseling, allow her to find a place of ministry there. If her gift is hospitality or service, allow her to serve there with no pressure to fulfill the "typical" Pastor's wife roles. It goes without saying that if you have young children at home, that her first ministry will be to you and your kids. 

If doing so, you'll have a happier wife, a healthier church, and a model for allowing people to serve according to their gifts.