Stuff You have to know (but didn’t realize it) – Part 5

Bob FranquizChurch

#5 – You're creating a culture with every message you preach

Most Pastors don't realize this early on. They get a good idea and execute it. Then they get another good idea and they execute it. Next thing you know, 2 years have past and you've created a culture in your church unintentionally. 

The last thing you ever want to do is a created a culture unintentionally. Instead, be intentional about your messages. Look at the whole calendar and see where your preaching schedule needs work. Too many attractional messages? Balance that with a couple of book studies through the Bible. Been spending a lot of time teaching Daniel or Revelation? Talk to your congregation about marriage and family for a few weeks. 

1 of the reasons I teach expositionally is because it creates a culture in our church where the Bible is valued. People don't need my advice. They need God's Word. 

So examine your preaching and your preaching calendar carefully, because they are creating the culture your church will become.