Stuff You have to know (but didn’t realize it) – Part 4

Bob FranquizChurch

#4 – Manage the cash flow 

This is the one thing that sinks churches faster than most others. 

Managing cash flow is easy in theory but harder in practice. Here it is in simple terms: make sure there's more money coming in than going out. That's it.  There's moments you can rely on savings to bail you out, but don't live there. If you do, you will eventually run out of money. 

Managing cash flow means you need to pace yourself when it comes to expenses. You can't do a 10,000 piece direct mail outreach and buy all the equipment you've ever wanted at the same time. 

Purchase based on priority. Spend when you have the money. Don't count on money that isn't in the bank yet. It almost never materializes. 

I have found that God shows us in amazing ways when you do your part and are a faithful steward. 

Above all else, manage the cash flow or proceed at your own peril.