Stuff I read this week

Bob FranquizBooks

I read 3 books this week that I wanted to put out there…

The Powell Principles – Bill Hybels referenced this book at the Leadership Summit, so I picked it up and enjoyed it. It’s Colin Powell’s leadership proverbs that have guided him throughout his career. If you’re a leader, it’s definitely worth a read.

Overcoming your Shadow Mission – I’ve read just about everything John Ortberg has written, but I really believe this is his best. This book is based on a fabulous talk he gave at last year’s Leadership Summit and it was a great read. I highly recommend this. I may end up doing a series on Esther next year because of this book.

Reveal – This was so much controversy over Willowcreek’s “repentance” (which it wasn’t) over their style of ministry, but I found this an interesting read. It challenged me to “know the condition of my flock” (Prov. 27:23) and make sure I am creating the best environment for people to grow.