Stuff I Learned at Disney

Bob FranquizChurch

I spend the long weekend at Disney World (One of my favorite places) and I learned a tone about leadership, creating an experience, and keeping excellence a high value that I wanted to share this week. 

#1 – Disney is committed to keep creating and recreating their environments 

I was amazed when I got to the Magic Kingdom and I saw that Main Street had gotten a new coat of paint. I also saw that Space Mountain was closed as they completely overhaul that area that had the out of date arcade. The truth is, Disney did just raise their prices again, but they didn't have to step up their game. 

Honestly, their still the only real game in town when it comes to a theme park. If you don't believe me, check out all the garbage on the floor at Universal and the attitudes of the employees. 

But Disney realizes they aren't in competition with these other theme parks. They're in competition with themselves to top the last experience each guest had. 

This has huge application for church leaders. Instead of competing with other churches (who aren't our real competition anyway), compete with yourself to make every Sunday better than the next.  

In fact, ask, "How can we improve by 1%? (I talk about this in my book, Zero to Sixty and in even greater detail in the Zero to Sixty Seminar).But after one year of 1% improvement, you''ll be 52% better than when you started.