Stuff I Learned at Disney (Part 2)

Bob FranquizChurch

#2 – Disney Goes the Extra Mile

On Monday, when Carey and I were heading home, we changed the diapers on both our kids at the car before leaving. With 2 soiled diapers in my hand, I walked up to the sidewalk in search of a trash can. I didn't see one close by, so I asked a cast member if he could direct me to one. The cast member grabbed one of the long "grabber" devices people use to pick up trash and said, "Here, give it to me. I'll take care of it." 

Wow! From everything I've read about Disney, I know they're always looking to wow people and they did!

In our churches, we all want guests to have these types of experiences. How do we ensure this happens? 

1. It needs to be Modeled – People will do what they their leaders doing. 

2. It needs to be Rewarded – The old saying is, "What gets rewarded, gets repeated." 

Wow experiences don't happen by accident. They happen when people are trained, motivated and rewarded.