Strategy vs. Spirit

Bob FranquizChurch

I've noticed something in the church over the years and I want to address it today. There seems to be a bit of a divide between those who think strategically and those who simply 'let the Spirit lead'. In fact, those who claim to allow the Holy Spirit to lead their churches without the need for strategic thinking sometimes call those who lean towards the practical "carnal" and "unspiritual". 

Honestly, I've heard this since I entered ministry. The message was, "If you want to be spiritual, don't worry about the details." Here's where that became problematic for me: I have an administrative/ leadership mind. I think in bullet points and action steps. And thankfully, administration or leadership (depending on your Bible translation) is still a gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Here's the rub: too many times as leaders we pray because we didn't plan. Then we say, "We're trusting the Lord." Instead, why not trust God, pray, and act with intentionality and purpose. If a builder is a Bible-believing lover of Jesus, but if following a bad set of blueprints, his structure isn't going to stand. And that has little to do with theology and much to do with gravity. 

So here's where I believe wisdom lies: having a strategy is not the enemy. Trusting in God is certainly not the enemy. It's presuming upon God because we didn't take the time to use the wisdom, resources, and giftedness available to us that's the enemy. 

Strategy is not at odds with the Spirit. Presumption is. That's what Matthew 4:5-7 is all about.