Stewardship Thoughts…

Bob FranquizTeaching

1155048723_colors_1We just finished our “Colors” series this morning, which focused on stewardship principles. I was amazed by the response that the series got. The main idea was that colors are always communicating something. So we focused on 4 colors that say something about us as managers of God’s resources:

Week 1 – Pink – Ownership
Week 2 – Black – Tithing
Week 3 – Red – Debt
Week 4 – Yellow – fear

I started thinking about what has changed over the last 6 years in my presentation of a tough subject to teach on. A couple of thoughts…

#1 – I’m not afraid anymore – I used to be afraid to talk about money because of the reputation churches have in begging for money.

#2 – I address the church’s reputation – You may as well say, “I know people have abused this subject and hurt a lot of people. But there is still truth that needs to be shared, so let’s deal with it.”

#3 – Talk to visitors directly – This is usually the reason why we feel uncomfortable talking about money. I have begun saying, “If you’re visiting, this message isn’t for you. This message is for Christians. But I’m glad you’re hear because you may have heard all kinds of weird stuff that Pastors have said about money. So I’m hoping you can hear a balanced and Biblical view this morning.”

#4 – It’s normalStewardship is part of discipleship. People need to know what God says about money. That’s our responsibility.

#5 – Don’t just teach tithing – This was a mistake I made early on. Stewardship is much bigger than tithing. Stewardship involves 100% of our resources. This requires us to teach about giving beyond the tithe, saving, spending, budgeting, debt, and contentment.

I am glad this series is over, but I’m glad I taught it. If it challenged people to experience the blessing of honoring God with their finances, then I feel I have succeeded.