Staffing: Where do I start?

Bob FranquizChurch

When it comes to staffing, most leaders start with a person they’re looking to hire. I believe that’s the wrong approach.

When you’re looking to add someone to your team, the place to begin is with a job description.

This is important when staff come to you and say, “I need help. Can you hire me an assistant?”

The first thing that should should happen is for that staff member to write a job description of the position.

The key here is to answer the questions:

– What skills does this person need?

– What responsibilities are required?

– What gifts and talents are needed to make this person excel in this person?

This is the only way to interview well. If we aren’t beginning from a clear job description, it’s next to impossible to interview well. Without a job description, we can decide is we like the person we’re interviewing and if they’d gel with the rest of the team (this is really important, but they won’t last if they’re in the wrong position no matter how nice they are), but we can’t discern if they’d be right for this position.

So if you’re looking to add staff, start with defining the position. Then begin the search. It will make your process easier and you’ll hire better.

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