Southern California Reflections

Bob FranquizGeneral

– No Sunday stuff this week due to the fact that I wasn't at Calvary Fellowship on Sunday (Although I heard that Mark did a great job teaching).  

– I attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa on Sunday (for those who aren't familiar with the Calvary Chapel movement, this is the church that started it all).  Great service.  Pastor Chuck taught an amazing message.  I could listen to him read the phone book and I'd still take notes!  
– Had great Zero to Sixty and Fusion seminars on Thursday.  It was great to connect with church leaders here in So. Cal.  
This was my first (of many) Zero to Sixty seminars.  I learned a lot personally about presenting my material. I need to either cut down some content or add another hour to the seminar :) 
Disneyland and California Adventure are awesome!  I've been to both before, but my daughter is old enough to really enjoy them, so I enjoy the parks more through her. 
– I've been able to get to just about every place I've wanted to go.  I've only been to In n' out once, but that's going to change today.  (I'd go to In n' Out for every meal, but I can't argue with a pregnant woman ­čÖé  
– Is there are better place on the earth than Huntington Beach?  Amazing.  
– Even though there are a lot of thriving churches in So. Cal. there's still a lot of unchurched people that need the Lord. 
– I've read several books this week.  I couple were great.  A couple were mediocre.  I'll be reviewing the great ones and saying nothing about the mediocre ones.  
– I've been getting up 4AM every day since I've been here. My body won't acknowledge that I'm on the West Coast.  I'm OK with it, because adjusting back to East Coast time isn't easy for me.  
Looking forward to getting home.  I've gotten some such needed rest, but now I'm ready to hit this busy season leading up to Easter and see the Lord reach more people with the Gospel than ever!