Some Really Big News!

Bob FranquizChurch

One of the things I’ve found in attending conferences over the years is that the place where you really learn is in-between sessions. That’s because this is the place where you can ask the really practical questions about ministry and church.

My prayer for years has been that a conference would come that took these practical matters to the stage and allowed us to hear from some people who are doing ministry well in a portable setting with all of the challenges which come with that.

Having said that, Calvary Fellowship is going to host a conference specifically for churches that meet in portable facilities. The conference is called, “Momentum” and the dates are March 1-2, 2007.

Think about this: This is still winter in most places. Everyone will be freezing their butts off, except you can be in Miami enjoying amazing weather and hearing from some great Pastors and leaders who have started or are currently meeting in a portable setting.

We’re going to hold the conference in the theatre we meet in, this way people can see how we do it every week. Also, we’re going to have breakout sessions that are more specific and very practical. They’re going to range from finances/ administration, the realities of set-up tear down, small groups, outreach/ marketing, and more.

I hope you can make it. We’ll have the website up in a few weeks with all the info. I think this is going to be a great thing for young churches and leaders.