“Sole” Mates

Bob FranquizTeaching

I felt good about my Sunday message this week. I felt as though people connected. The Illusions series we’re doing is one where we are debunking a lot of the relational myths that mess up our marriages. We’ve been looking at different couples in Scripture and learning from their successes and failures. This week is was the illusion of a Soul Mate. I don’t if there’s a concept that makes people jump ship on their relationships more than this one.

Having taught on Jacob and his relational issues, I’m still gnawing on this one truth from Scripture: Jacob wanted to be buried with Leah (Gen. 49). Even though Rachel was the one he loved more, he wanted to be buried with Leah. Why? Not only because it was in the place where his father and grandfather were buried, but I believe he knew that Leah was the one that had the blessing. She’s the one who gave birth to Judah. And from Judah descended King David and ultimately, Jesus.

Yet he realized this truth too late. He had Leah, but married Rachel, then Zilpah, and then Bilhah. Only to realize that the one who woke up next to (albeit unexpectedly) was the one who would bless the entire world. I talked to a lot of people after the services who were encouraged and believed that God could do a great work in their marriage. Great marriages are just 2 people who work hard to make it work!

Next week: “But we’re just too different!” That’s what David and Michal thought…