Bob FranquizChurch

As of late, the word that has been rattling in my brain is the word “Simplify!” I’m realizing at church that we can’t do everything in the world and do it well, but if we simplify we can do the most important things well. Too many times, especially when we are starting our churches, we want to offer everything and be just like the big church down the road. Well, I decided enough as enough. We did the unthinkable and started cutting out things that we felt we couldn’t do with excellence. I have to tell you, it felt great! My staff feels great.

There’s something in each of us that desires to have the areas we are responsible for excel, so we try to generate some activity to justify that ministry (And our position by the way). So when I wrote all of our ministries on a dry erase board a few weeks ago and started erasing things, the staff breathed a sigh of relief. It was amazing! Everyone is producing better results and using their time more effectively. Start erasing stuff, it’s awesome!