Sign of the Apocalypse?

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Kevin Kevin Covais in the top 12? Are you kidding me? Are my eyes (And ears) deceiving me? How could America have voted for Kevin and not Gedeon? This is an outrage! Did I think Gedeon was going to win? No! My guess was that he would come in 3rd. Katherine would come in 2nd and Chris would win! At least that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

This must be a sign of the Apocalypse. Friends, Kevin can’t sing! Can you see that kid on the cover of a CD? No, you can’t. Why? Because he can’t sing and he doesn’t have a marketable look. Am I taking this too seriously? Probably. I think Gideon was robbed! He has a great voice and good stage presence. But Kevin, come on. The mic stand has more stage presence than him!

All I know is that if Kevin wins, I’m going to run for the hills because this will prove that America has gone completely insane! Any thoughts here? Am I being too harsh? Don’t bother answering that question. The answer is yes! But did you agree with the other people who got voted off?

Uncledave_123 Here’s my last thought on the show: Next week people have to sing a Stevie Wonder song? This doesn’t play well for Chris (or Bucky for that matter). I think they need to have the genres be a bit more broad, like a 70’s song – this way someone can sing something by the Village People and another person can sing something by Kiss. (How awesome would it be for Chris to come out with Gene Simmons make-up and breathe fire? – In fact, I think I’d rather see Kevin do it!)