Session 3 – Drive ’05

Bob FranquizChurch

Reggie hit another one out of the park this morning with a message on creating synergy with our ministries. Too many times, ministries have their own agenda and vision that does not line up with or support the vision of the entire church. The result is ministries competing for time, resources, space, etc… Instead, our goal should be to create synergy or focus in which all of our ministries are headed in the same direction so we can get see the most important thing take place, which is for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Reggie pointed out that we are all doing good things, but are all the good things taking us where we want to go? This is the question we have been pondering as a staff. It has been great to discuss these issues and affirm that is going well and address what can be improved. Leaders, take your whole staff to a conference once a year and during the breaks, sit and dream. Make changes that will benefit the entire organization and allow everyone to be pat of the decision so everyone is on the same page.