Season Finales…

Bob FranquizUncategorized

With the exception of House, every show has ended for the summer. So here are my TV season finale thoughts…

Criminal Minds – Amazing finale. My wife called it, that they would end the season bringing that freak Frank back. It was great. This could be the most underrated show on TV.

The Office – Out of control. The last 10 seconds had me laughing uncontrollably.

CSI – This would the CSI of the Las Vegas variety (I don’t watch the other 2). Great finale. They’ve been building this story line up all season long. I’ve been watching CSI since it started and after 6 years, I think this was the best season yet. Most shows can’t say that.

24 – What was that? “I’m at a crossroads in my life.” Come on Jack! Sure you got tortured, had to shoot on of your friends, the love of our life has been tortured also, and your brother and father died on this day, but come on! I didn’t even understand that ending. It didn’t end as strong as I had hoped.

Lost – This is the finale that kept me up at night. Totally amazing. This story had me right up to the end. I couldn’t even think straight after watching this. I was starting to lose interest, but they brought it at the finale. Out of hand!