Saying “Thank you” (part 1)

Bob FranquizChurch

It takes hundreds of people to make our Sunday services happen each week. By the time I arrive on Sunday, some of the servants in our church have been serving for hours to transform a school into church.

So we say thank you in several ways at our church:

#1 – Saying the Words – There’s something about “Thank you” is a powerful phrase. Not because these amazing people are serving me. They’re serving the Lord. But as a Pastor and leader, it matters when we say thank you to those who are giving of themselves each week. But be specific in the way you say “Thank you”. Don’t say, “Thanks for everything.” That’s not specific enough. Instead, say, “Thank you for getting to the school at 5AM on Sunday to set up the stage.” That shows you care and as the leader, you’re aware of what people are doing.

Tomorrow I’ll mention another way you can say thank you…