Safeguarding your Life

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Few events are more devastating to the life of a church than one of its
leaders falling into sin. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to read a story or
watch a news report about another minister who embezzled church funds or ran off
with his secretary. I have witnessed the carnage of these actions up close, and
suffice it to say, it isn’t pretty. Whenever there is financial impropriety or
moral failure, it leads to confusion, anger, and a loss of trust in the lives
of church members…

…Those safeguards included a spending limit. Although
I’m the senior pastor, I have a spending limit. If I am going to spend money
that was not approved in our current budget, I have a cap as to how much I can
write a check for before needing to consult our board of directors for

A CPA reviews our financial records every quarter.
Most churches have a yearly audit. We decided to have a review of our books
every quarter. 

Have accountability
systems in place.
No one sets out intending to have an affair and thereby ruining his or
her family and ministry. It happens because accountability systems were
neglected or never set up…

…In my first year of ministry, I saw the destruction
that comes with a pastor falling into sin. My supervisor engaged in an
adulterous affair and had to stand in front of the church and confess his sin.
Part of me admired his courage to stand before his church family and repent,
while many would have run away. Another part of me was so angry with him for
letting me down. He was a mentor in my life, and I was deeply hurt by his moral

I remember vividly sitting
in the audience the day he stood up and admitted his sin. What shocked me was
my reaction. I wept. I prayed a prayer that I have never forgotten and have
prayed many times since that night. I prayed, “God, never let me forget this
feeling. Never let me forget what sin does. May I stay close to you and take
the right precautions so that is never me.” 

(Excerpt from Zero to Sixty Chapter 54 "Creating Safeguards".  You can order Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church by clicking here)