Rock you like a hurricane

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Genimageaspx It’s amazing, because it was such a beautiful day today in Miami. Barely a cloud in the sky. It was the perfect beach day. It made me think that only 3 day ago everyone was going crazy because a hurricane was coming. Even today we are still seeing the affects of Katrina. While we never lost power, many of those I know, including some of our staff did. One staff member still doesn’t have any power. There’s a a lot of trees down, intersection lights out, and power is out so some stores still haven’t reopened. Publix (our local supermarket) had no milk because they lost power and had to throw all of their dairy aisle products away. So it took us a while today to find a store that had milk (what would I do without cereal?). A friend of mine had to cancel his weekend church services because they had no power and they had trees down in their parking lot. But all in all, life is going back to normal. Having said all that, I love Miami. I love the culture, the people, and the opportunity to reach a city that is 84% unchurched!