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– Crazy week (and it's only Monday)

– Sunday was awesome!  Taught Revelation 3:1-6.

– If there's one church I don't want to be in Revelation 2-3, it's Sardis.  The "Weekend at Bernie's" Church! 

– I went to a Nooma premiere last night.  It was great. The new Nooma (Corner), is crazy good! 
– My friend Kelly hosted the event and he introduced me to Rob Bell.  He seemed like a really cool guy from the few minutes I got to talk to him.  
– Got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in years.  That was great.  
– I haven't slept much.  4 hours for the last 2 nights.  I'm going to sleep good tonight :) 
We're ticketing our Easter services this year.  Last year was total madness, so we're asking people to pick up their FREE tickets to indicate which service they are coming to.  
– Last year, we have one service at 150% capacity, another was 75% full and the other was at capacity.  
– We're in a few facility, but I want to make sure everyone has a seat.  
– I'm looking forward to being in Atlanta next week for a Zero to Sixty seminar.  it's going to be a good time.  If you're in the ATL, you can click here to register.