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– We're kicking off a new campus in 17 days! I'm nervous and excited at the same time. 

– My 13th wedding anniversary is on Monday. Who said 13 is unlucky? 

– Contrary to popular opinion, I still think the ipad will actually boost Kindle sales.

– The people we should be worried about is book publishers. 

– Only a few spots left for my new coaching network that starts later this month. (Besides coaching, we're giving ever person in the network $600 in www.church-strategies.com resources!) 

– Just downloaded Michael Gerber's new book to the Kindle. I read everything he writes. 

– Today is my younger sister's birthday. Need to call her.  

– This year I've been listening to the Bible on audio. Loving it. 

– Can't wait to start our new series "Happily Ever After" on February 21st! 

– Teaching Esther has been great. I have a new appreciation for that story now. 

– We're moving our church offices! Thank you Lord. We've needed to do this for a while. More space. Less money. I love that equation! 

– Need to finish Sunday's Message. I'm out…